Biwa Consulting has a vision of people, organizations, and communities embodying indigenous principles of community to grow and evolve.  Its mission is to apply indigenous approaches to sustainable systemic and social change efforts.  Biwa Consulting engages individuals, organizations, and communities across a range of sectors including public health, environmental and food justice, domestic violence, and education.

Vivette Jeffries Logan

Vivette Jeffries Logan

Vivette Jeffries Logan, Biwa Consulting's founder, is a Trainer, Facilitator, Educator & Speaker who offers trainings, consultations and presentations on the following:

  • Equity
  • Culture
  • Organizational and Individual Accountability
  • Organizational and Individual Leadership Development
  • Historical Trauma and Healing
  • Life Path Guidance and Discernment

Vivette is a Certified Trainer of the Native Wellness Institute's Leading the Next Generations Healthy Relationships Curriculum (2010).  Also in 2010, Vivette was honored by the United Tribes of North Carolina with the Distinguished Service to Indian People Awared at their annual Unity Conference.  She was also honored with the Guilford College Alumni Excellence Award in 2010.  In 2012, Vivette was recognized as an Honoree at the Women's Honor Ceremony during the American Indian Women of Proud Nations Conference.

Currently, Vivette conducts presentations, trainings, coaching and consulting services to individuals and organizations seeking to drive meaningful social change.  Vivette also volunteers her time to support emergent leaders of color in tribal and non-tribal settings throughout North Carolina.  Of note is Vivette's ongoing multi-year role supporting the team building processes that have led to the creation of the Earthseed Land Cooperative in Durham, NC.

MassCircles is pleased to collaborate with Biwa Consulting Founder and Principal Vivette Jeffries Logan, a member of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation (OBSN) to engage communities in North Carolina and beyond in the process of embodying ancient wisdom to drive social and organizational change today.

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